In the state parliament

The Area Schleswig-Holstein lies at the top of Germany between Denmark in the north, Hamburg in the south, the North Sea in the west and the Baltic Sea in the east. Schleswig-Holstein has some 2.700.000 citizens.

The state (Bundesland) Schleswig-Holstein is one of 16 states in the Federal Republic of Germany. According to the federal constitution the states bear responsibility for educational and cultural politics, the police and the implementation of federal policies, which are decided by the federal government and the national parliament (Bundestag). In the second national chamber, the so called federal council (Bundesrat), the state governments take influence on federal legislation.

The "Landtag" in Kiel is the state parliament of Schleswig-Holstein. The Landtag elects the state prime minister and passes the state laws. Since 2017 Schleswig-Holstein has been ruled by a coalition government of Conservatives (CDU), Greens and the Liberal Party (FDP). The prime minister is Daniel Günther (CDU).

The minority party is represented in the 19th Schleswig-Holstein Landtag (for the years 2009-2014) by the Friesian Mr Lars Harms, Ms Jette Waldinger-Thiering and Mr Christian Dirschauer.